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More Than Just A Pair Of Glasses

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More Than Just A Pair Of Glasses

Sometimes glasses are straight forward—you just need them to see. Whether it be distance or near, you just need the spectacles to provide clarity of vision. That is easy enough to do. Other times and more often than naught, they need to do more.

These are our goals for our glasses:

  1. Precise clarity of vision 
  2. Lenses look good
  3. Frames that make you a Rock Star

Precise Clarity of Vision

Carolina Eye Doctors

Vision has many aspects and involves a complex interplay of physics and physiology. Taking living tissue and creating optical clarity at distance, at near, at the computer, while driving, in dim light or bright light is no small feat. Add in the abilities to see color, depth perception, detect motion and move our eyes to accurately track and we start to realize how impressive the physiology of vision truly is.

To provide a pair of glasses is not just to make vision clear, but to harness all these aspects. You’ll understand that is why we take a detailed history to determine what the glasses will be used for—are you a truck driver, police officer, computer programmer? Each of these professions need their glasses tailored to provide optimal vision. In addition, all aspects need to be investigated, particularly how the two eyes work together in relation to a new glasses’ prescription. 

Nowadays, with the increased computer use, we use a number of different lenses that allow different focal points to achieve clarity and, just as important, improved comfort. 

Lenses Look Good

Determining the exact needs of a prescription is key and once we have you seeing your best, it’s time to turn our attention to the point that is just as important. How you feel in your glasses. That means not only comfort but more importantly your mojo.

First things first—the lens. All lenses are not created equal. Prescription lenses (vs. over the counter glasses) are fabricated to minimize and eliminate all distortion, lens impurities and opacities. We use Zeiss lenses on a recommendation from NASA as their lens of choice for clarity. But just as important as clarity is the weight and thickness of your lens. These factors have to be taken into account when making a perfect pair of glasses. If your prescription is high, a high index lens allows you to have a thinner and lighter look that will go with your frame as well as provide more comfort. 

And a lens is responsible for not just changing the path of light but sometimes its characteristics. To make a truly good-looking pair of glasses, anti-reflective coating is needed. While anti-reflective coating cuts down on glare and allows more light through the lens, it reduces reflections off the front of the lens. With today’s selfies, Instagrams, Facebooks of the world, the snap and post is everywhere and we don’t want our patients to have a lens full of reflected light hiding your eyes.

Frames That Make You A Rock Star

There are frames everywhere. Frames at Sam’s Club, frames at Walmart, frames online. It doesn’t matter where you get them or for what price. What matters is- how do the glasses make you feel? Our goal is to make you feel like a Rock Star and that is how we choose our selection of frames. We have frames on fashion from great cities in the US like Chicago and New York City as well as those around the world – Paris, Tokyo and Barcelona. You’ll be wearing your frames every day and we want you to feel great every time you put them on. 

Whether you want to go bold, stand out or blend in—the glasses need to let you be the best version of you

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