Welcome to CED Telehealth


Telehealth allows you to be examined outside our office using your telephone, cell phone, tablet or computer.

What Can Telehealth be used for?

All vision or eye concerns can be addressed via telehealth and many can be treated.

How does it work?

By Telephone- Call us and tell us your symptoms. We will review your history, medication and previous exam findings and if possible, treat you over the phone.

By Email or text- Email or text us your symptoms and send photos or a video of your eye condition. We will review your history, medications and previous exam findings and if possible, treat you.

By Facetime/Skype/Video Telehealth- Using video, you will connect with Dr. Garcia or Dr. Tarbett for a virtual examination. This exam will be similar to a chairside exam but with a digital face to face, interaction with your provider.


If your problem can be successfully treated with a telehealth examination, a typical office visit service code and fee will apply. This fee can be submitted to your medical insurance for reimbursement. Medicare will be billed directly as they reimburse for all telehealth services at this time. If your condition cannot be treated via a telehealth evaluation, an in-office exam will be necessary and you will not be billed for your telehealth exam.

Getting Started

Email us at [email protected] or text us at 704-322-3600.

Please provide a history of your concern.

Please include:

  • Onset – Date, time of day- awakening, evening, any trauma, etc.
  • Any Worsening
  • Current treatment
  • Presence of pain or itching of the eye
  • Presence of discharge from the eye
  • Any associated fever or sickness

For example- My left eye is red. It began upon awakening. No pain but mild itching. No discharge. No treatment at this time. I don’t have a fever or cold. Attach multiple angles of an in focus image or video of your eye.

Please feel free to call, email or text us if you have any questions about our telehealth program.

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