Second Sight™

Second Sight™

An Advanced Vision Rehabilitation Program From Carolina Eye Doctors

Vision is our most precious sense. Losing it is devastating.
But you can recover and we are here to help you make that happen.


A patient’s understanding and insight to their vision loss is the first step to overcoming the challenge of lost sight. And it can be very challenging.  Second Sight helps patients understand the cause, how their vision is impacted and the adaptations that ultimately lead to restored hope and enjoyment of life.


Almost everybody has some vision that can be harnessed to do great things. This is where using different techniques and tools will help you restore your abilities to read, write, drive, watch tv, play games and see loved ones. It will not be the same as it was before your vision loss occurs but give us a little vision and we will give you hope.


Solutions to visual impairment are not easy and do take time. With guidance, the right tools, and some perseverance, patients can overcome their vision loss and get back to a life they love.

What to Expect:
-Immersion into patient’s day to day activities and limitations
-Advanced Low Vision Testing
-Essential Low Vision Aids and Training
-Development of Understanding and Adapting To Vision Loss
-Technology Aid Training (for iPhone, Android, Apple, Microsoft)
-Low Vision App Training
-Bioptic/Telescopic Driving Evaluation
-Care coordination with occupational and low vision therapists
-Coordination of low vision and blind benefits
Advanced training in spectacle bioptics, wearable tech, video magnifiers

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